There Are Many Advantages To Plastic Surgery

Years ago, when you heard of pageants, the first thing that came to mind was pretty women in beautiful gowns or breathtaking swimwear. Beautiful women doing interviews and competing for the title of Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and others are what came to mind when we heard of the pageants.

cosmetic-modelHowever, in more modern times, pageant contestants look a lot different and are much younger in age. Parents of toddlers and young teens are investing enormous amounts of time and energy into preparing their little girls to be prim and proper young ladies. In addition, they are preparing them to be future Miss Americas. What comes under fire is there drastic approach in the preparation phase.

Many moms are having their little girls undergo cosmetic surgery in an attempt to gain top reign in all competitions. This is an approach that many people feel is a bit too drastic for girls at that age. The views of society in this case are that little girls are growing up a lot faster than they need too without any help from the cosmetic enhancement industry. The exposure they have to multiple facets of entertainment, television and reality genres is giving them a platform of an entirely different requirement for what is considered adorable.

Mothers are choosing to gift their children with cosmetic procedures and taking it upon themselves to inject Botox into their lips to help them win pageants and gain notoriety. What’s a bit more explicit is that society and panels of judges are actually beginning to think that appearances such as these are actually normal and those who haven’t had any work done are not exactly making the grade.

beautiful-face-lift-resultsAs acceptable as these types of procedures may be in the industry of toddler beauty, it’s really passing on a negative statement to other young girls that age about what true beauty is. It makes many kids feel as if they aren’t actually as cute as the little Barbies they see on television.

Makeup, lashes, Botox for full lips and lifted brows are a bit extreme for the average little girl. However, when she sees this as an example of beauty, she may begin to second guess her true beauty. This is a prime example of where the complex begins to develop and emotional as well as mental issues come to surface.

Little girls have always loved to play dress up. It makes them anticipate with great expectation, growing up and becoming poised young women. However, allowing them to undergo cosmetic procedures will sometimes instill the concept that they can’t embrace their natural beauty. It is always best to let bones and body structures to develop to a level of maturity before undergoing any type of surgical